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Sign Up & Get Down With The Next ABW & ABPW Sessions

Sign Up & Get Down With The Next ABW & ABPW Sessions

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Hot on the heels of the success of the ABPW crew’s recent “Funk Dungeon” video comes news that a second Absolute Beginner Performance Workshop has just been confirmed!

That’s right, regardless if you slept on the workshop the first time or you’re a dungeon dragon coming back for seconds, be sure to sign up now!  The ABPW with Q is a 7-week crash course with the sole purpose of grooming you to be the video star you’ve always wanted to be… or never thought you were.  The workshop culminates with a video shoot starring you that is then posted on QsNewz.com and Broadway Dance Center’s 36,000-fans-strong-and-counting Facebook Page.

“But Q, how is this different from the BDC Student Performance Showcase that you’re doing?”  I’m glad you asked. smile  The main differences are that the student showcase is a more advanced level, it requires committing to both rehearsals and my weekly Saturday class, and it culminates not with a video, but with a live performance in early May at Symphony Space.  If the showcase is more your speed, be sure to click here and get all the details.

So what are you waiting for?  You’ve got options, but they won’t be around for long!  The choice is yours… do you wanna be a star on the stage?... or on the screen?  Pick your pleasure and get ta clickin’...


It has just been confirmed that I will also be teaching an Absolute Beginner Workshop for the next session as well.  The ideas of cameras and shooting videos too much?  Are you simply looking to be a bit more confident on the dancefloor the next time you hit the club… or a wedding reception?—- I got you!  Registration is now open for the next ABW with Q—- Tuesdays, 9-10:30PM @ BDC; April 19-May24. 





Also, check out how the last Absolute Beginner Performance Workshop group put it down if you need a little motivation!