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2018 Mashups - The Year In Music * UPDATED *

2018 Mashups - The Year In Music * UPDATED *

on Nov 27 in MashupsVideos

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It’s that time of the year when the adventurous mashup/remix producers take on the Herculean task of creating an audio AND video mashup of the year’s biggest hits leaving the internet to argue over who’s mix “got it right”. The ring has widened and the number of thrown hats has increased significantly over the years so it will be interesting to see if a vet or a new jack is gonna walk away with the 2018 championship belt.

While DJ Earworm is the OG of this recent year-end tradition, his last few mixes have been soooo conceptual that it’s hard to decipher what songs he uses for his mashups which, for me, takes the fun out of what should be a fairly easy stroll down memory lane. Daniel Kim’s “Pop Danthology” series was my favorite for several years as he seemed to expertly mix the most recognizable elements of the year’s big pop moments into a cohesive and satisfying audio scrapbook, but he has since retired from the mashup game and left a string of shady YouTubers co-opting his name in his absence.

The first mix to catch my attention this time around was Adamusic’s “Dance To 2018” which manages to balance Earworm’s conceptual aspirations with the instant sugar rush approach of Kim’s productions.  For me, the success of each year’s mashups depends a lot on whether or not I like the songs featured as well as the structure because the mix can easily wind up being a cacophonous mess where the samples battle each other rather than complement.  Fortunately, Adamusic does a decent job of making sense of songs that I don’t necessarily love and I appreciate that latin music and K-pop are represented here along with the obvious Ariana and Drake selections. The production of “Dance To 2018” is impressive and that Mac Miller shoutout at the end was a nice touch.

Check this page throughout December for the inevitable DJ Earworm mix and any other mashups that catch my attention.





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