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J Cole - “GOMD” (Video) (NSFW)

J Cole - “GOMD” (Video) (NSFW)

on Mar 31 in Hip HopJ ColeVideos

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Lost in one of my iTunes playlists is a couple of early J. Cole tracks that lead me to believe that this guy was the truth!  In lieu of stripper odes and bank account boasts were rewind worthy lyrics of substance that indicated that dude had more on his mind than simply “turning up.”

While he didn’t exactly fall off of my radar these last couple of years, I definitely haven’t been tuned to all things J. Cole.  However, I’ve been running into him alot on the internet these days with the recent release of his third album 2014 Forest Hills Drive and the incessant blog debates—- in the comment sections, at least—- pitting Cole against Kendrick Lamar.

A 15 second Facebook snippet of the video piqued my interest enough a few days ago to go ahead and check out the full-length video for his latest single(?) “G.O.M.D.”  I initially was in “side eye” mode with clip’s plantation-set story thinking that the last thing we need is J. Cole Unchained—- “We’re good with the slavery thing cuz it’s been covered by oh, everyone else.”  However, it was only after listening to Cole’s lyrics that I could appreciate that the video’s rogue house slave narrative wasn’t “black oppression porn” but rather a clever analogy mirroring the song’s subject matter where Cole shoulders Hollywood sellout claims from fans while trying to change things “from the inside.”

Well produced and without a single thong or gratuitous Beats headphones shot to be found, the “G.O.M.D.” video works on several levels for me, most notably as a reminder to resist the urge to make snap judgements before truly understanding a situation.



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