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Adele - “Rolling In The Deep” (Video)

Adele - “Rolling In The Deep” (Video)

on Mar 04 in AdelePopVideos

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Yes, I’ve been totally sleeping on Adele; I will cop to that.  Hear me out though: when her debut 19 dropped a few years ago, I distinctly remember the album being a ballad-heavy collection of tunes and while she clearly could sing, none of the material really stood out to me.  Sure, she won a Best New Artist Grammy and whatnot, but I still wasn’t impressed.  Fast forward to now and I’m all about my girl Delley Del as of late—- guess I’m gonna have to revisit that debut album.

I’ve been meaning to do a post on this video for a minute now but as more and more weeks whizzed by and countless others sang her praises, a Q’s Views opine seemed to be bordering on pointless.  However, homegirl just topped the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart with new album 21 selling well over 300,000 copies(!) in its first week out so this post is a bit more timely in light of her recent accomplishment.

The video?  Well, momma sits perched in a chair in a not fully renovated hotel rocking a Civil War-era southern belle bun and proceeds to sing her face off.  Yup, that’s it.  Oh sure, there’s the business with the endless glasses of water, the dancer two-stepping in a sea of Lohan powder, flying dishes, an all-white model city skyline on a table and a lonely drummer, but the focus of the video is wisely and effectively placed on La ‘Del.  Without ever getting up from that chair and with the aid of an occasional shoulder shimmy and a sassy lip curl, Miz A. held my attention and never once relied on a fan machine, a troupe of dancers, a bikini shot, or a rented rapper to sell the ‘Del experience!

Yes, the ingredients for a dope video needn’t be anything more than dramatic lighting, emotive photography and an artist with something to say worth hearing.  “Rolling In The Deep” truly is a testament to the effectiveness of elegant simplicity as a dusty bed & breakfast and a girl having a Mary J. Blige moment in one of her nana’s good parlor chairs has emerged as the best video by a solo female act so far this year.*  Grade: A

* OK, so the video actually came out last last year, but its only recently that it started to truly blow up.

Also, I’ve been getting several inquiries about the “Rolling” remixes that I’ve been playing in class.  Below you will find my two favorites, although I’m partial to the Villa remix with its Mississippi backwoods church stomp/funk disco production perfectly laid under A’s honey-smoked molasses delivery.  However, don’t sleep on MeLo-X’s hip hop take on the track with its chopped ‘n’ screwed/distorted vocals; its hot too!

“Rolling In The Deep” (Villa Remix)


“Rolling In The Deep” (MeLo-X Remix)


...And be sure to check out Adele’s stunning transformation of Cheryl Cole’s recent hit “Promise This” from girly pop fluff to some grown woman ish, unplugged-style.

Adele - “Promise This” (Cheryl Cole cover)


Lastly, and leastly, here is Mike Posner taking a crack at “Rolling In The Deep”.  Yes Posner, best (somewhat) known for his moderate hit “Cooler Than Me” from last year, wraps his wafer thin vocals around a song that is best left to the professionals.  Does his Robyn-esque electro pop production help matters? No.  Cover something in your range—- the new Kim Kardashian perhaps—- or remain silent; it’s that simple.



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