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Alexandra Burke featuring Flo Rida - “Bad Boys” (Video)

Alexandra Burke featuring Flo Rida - “Bad Boys” (Video)

on Sep 26 in Alexandra BurkeFlo RidaPassport TunesVideos

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Alrighty, so Leona 2.0 finally emerges with her debut single and the pupeteers behind the U.K. version of American Idol, X Factor, smartly distance her from Miz Lewis by making her first bid for chart dominance a peppy as hell uptempo pop/dance track. Well played, pupeteers! I’m sure the pep party won’t last long though as the marketing lords behind these singing reality shows tend to saddle their “winners” with soulless ballad-y dreck that pretty much assures that these chirping birds will be back to cashiering in no time flat.

So Alex is happily drawn to “bad boys” who, in the eyes of this video’s casting director and stylist, are pool-playin’ dudes rocking various combinations of flannel, tank tops, fitted caps, dark shades, skullys and um, baby oil.  After a completely unconvincing bar fight and a could’ve-been-worse rap interlude from Timbaland’s slow cousin, Lexy sashays her red pumps onto a wet, well lit street for a big choreographed finale with her dancing thugged out playas.  I’m assuming the moves were kept relatively simple so as to allow Miss Burke to join in on the step, touch-ing without looking foolish.  Some may find it all corny but with a song so unbelievably perky as this, I was expecting this dark but not dangerous video’s visuals to actually be bright and candy coated, very “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” 2009. However, I suppose we’ll have to settle for “We Break The Dawn” two thousand and…well, a year later.  Grade: B


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