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Alicia Keys - “BNM” (Part 2)

Alicia Keys - “BNM” (Part 2)

on Jan 25 in 90'sAlicia KeysR&B

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90s house music stand up!  Crystal Waters and Cajmere will both be getting decent royalties checks this year and they can thank Alicia Keys’ nostalgic desire to get her homeless percolator on!

I have admittedly paid very little to attention to Mrs. Keys-Beatz latest offering Girl On Fire as, aside from “New Day”, everything from the album sounds like something that she’s done—- and done better—- in the past.  The original version of “Brand New Me” is an introspective piano ballad that was much more interesting when it was called “If I Ain’t Got You”

The new mix, however, completely wipes away the adult contemporary schmaltz of the original and transforms the song into a club stomper that borrows liberally from early 90s classics “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” and “The Percolator” while making a nod to the “New” in the song title by also infusing the vintage house recipe with some trap flavorings.  Now this is the kind of “Me” makeover that’ll have me coming back for seconds!

Having done a bit more research, I just learned that it’s Alicia’s birthday and releasing a part deux of “B.N.M” was her “Thank You” for all of the b-day love from the fans.  If all we have to do to get music with a pulse from Lee-Lee is shout her out on social media, then let’s all get together and coordinate a “Tweet Alicia” schedule. 



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