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AlunaGeorge - “Your Drums, Your Love” & “You Know You Like It” (Video)

AlunaGeorge - “Your Drums, Your Love” & “You Know You Like It” (Video)

on Sep 23 in AlunaGeorgePassport TunesR&BVideos

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Seven seconds into the video for “You Know You Like It” was all I needed to know that that I was gonna LOVE whatever was about to happen.  That kind of instant visceral reaction doesn’t happen often but when it does… wooooo!—- I’m getting a bit ahead of myself though. 

So some recent perfectly innocent web surfing eventually lead me to discovering AlunaGeorge, a U.K. duo getting the now too familiar music blog hype as the “next big thing”.  While the praise for these kind of under the radar artists isn’t always warranted, the love shown for vocalist Aluna Francis and producer George Reid—- hence, AlunaGeorge—- is both warranted and absolutely justified.

The group’s spacey R&B sonic template is already drawing comparisons to late 90’s Neptunes and Missy/Timbaland productions and though I understand and agree with the reference, AlunaGeorge is definitely on some two thousand and next sh*t.  Both “Your Drums, Your Love” and “You Know You Like It” easily outclass the cartoonishly sexual antics of what passes for contemporary R&B with each single being the seductive aural equivalent of dim lights, satin sheets, pillow talk and some hot body to body contact.  Yes, AlunaGeorge’s music manages to set the mood in a way that songs about “tasty cakes” and “freakin’ da honeys” never could.  What I like about most about the duo’s approach to cookin’ up smokin’ bedroom jams—- even if that isn’t their intention—- is that they do so without resorting to obvious innuendo.

The visuals for the singles don’t disappoint either.  I came across the “Your Drums” video first and it’s a simple love story effectively told with an industrial art gallery backdrop and a dope troupe of poppers punctuating the mood with simple choreo.  “You Know”, as I mentioned before, was an instant “Yes!” for me not only because of the luscious WTF-ness of the track’s production but also lead singer Aluna’s hooded ‘n’ poncho’d fierce black girl vibe in a video that was almost stolen by the equally swag-alicious background dancer (dancers?)—- still not sure if that was a group or digital clones of one girl.

If there is any justice in the music world, perhaps there is still room for AlunaGeorge in the ongoing series of 2012 mainstream success stories already crowded by “Call Me Maybe”, Gotye and dance crazes by Korean rappers.  A full-length album is due in 2013 so you’re gonna have to settle for the You Know You Like It EP, available on iTunes and Amazon, in the meantime.



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