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Aminé - “BLACKJACK” (Video)

Aminé - “BLACKJACK” (Video)

on Feb 16 in

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I’m here for any hip hop video that is twerk free and not a PSA for percocet. Ain’t nothing wrong with needing a break from the clapping booty cheeks and pill poppin’ jingles cuz they clearly aren’t going away anytime soon.

Aminé keeps it simple in what seems like an update of Missy’s “Gossip Folks”. His video for “Blackjack” is a comical day in the life tale of high school shenanigans at the “School of Rock” where everything happens at hyper speeds, milk is used as hair conditioner and one of the verses is delivered from inside a toilet bowl.  There’s a little SNL bit at the end featuring Aminé and “his dad” and before the bit get stale, BAM!... roll credits.

The beat knocks, the video is great… what’s not to like? Check out “Blackjack” below!



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