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Anitta - “Medicina” (Video)

Anitta - “Medicina” (Video)

on Jul 20 in AnittaPassport TunesReggaetonVideos

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It’s been a little over a year since I discovered Brazilian pop star Anitta in her iconic (to me, at least) supermarket booty poppin’ video for “Paradinha” and she hasn’t really slowed down since.  Do yourself a favor and check that one out first if you haven’t already for the “it’s lit in aisle 5” factor alone!

Her post-“Paradinha” output has been hit or miss for me, but new single “Medicina” definitely get a check in the “hit” column.  “Sexy” Anitta is toned down, just a bit, for the new clip as she hosts and global dance party from atop a skyscraper in Brazil(?).  It’s a simple but effective concept as I never get tired of the personally endorsed message that it “dance is a universal language”.

Watch children of the world come together for a dancing lady with colored smoke below!



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