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Anitta - “Paradinha” & “Switch” (Video)

Anitta - “Paradinha” & “Switch” (Video)

on Jun 13 in AnittaIggy AzaleaPopVideos

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So I’m playing catch up cuz apparently everybody else already knows that Anitta is a big deal! I have to thank that viral video dude and his Cheetos ‘n’ hip tick homage for putting me on the path to Anittacceptance—- which lead to discovering that my other new jam is the latest from ugh… Iggy Damn Izalea!

Miss ‘Nitta is Brazilian pop star whose already been around for a few years and her latest single and video, “Paradinha”, makes a great case for the beauty simplicity.  Instantly iconic, the video opts not for splashy sets and instead sets it sights on the Lower East Side for some subway twerking, killer underboob, dancing grannies, signature choreo, and the kind of supermarket/laundromat shenanigans that already have the kids acting a fool in the produce aisle—- again, see that viral video dude.

As with every new music discovery, I immediately started checking out some of Anitta’s other songs which lead me to… the Iggy situation.  I’ve been so busy paying zero attention to her new material—- because of course—- that I was sleeping on the undeniable banger that is “Switch”.  As with “Fancy” and “Black Widow” before, I like everything about this new song except the lead artist.  Iggy’s irritating blackcent aside, I gotta admit that “Switch” is on repeat status thanks to Anitta… and indirectly because of that viral video dude.







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