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Ariana Grande featuring The Weeknd - “Love Me Harder” (Video)

Ariana Grande featuring The Weeknd - “Love Me Harder” (Video)

on Nov 04 in Ariana GrandePopThe WeekndVideos

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Well 2014 certainly seems to be shaping up as a Grande year for Mini-Mariah—- Having already scored summer smashes with the one-two punch of “Problem” and her assist on “Bang Bang” as well as the by the numbers but still irresistible “Break Free” comes the refreshing change of pace that is “Love Me Harder”.

A track pairing Ariana with Izzy Azaelia or Jessie J seems to make pop sense but I definitely had a reaction of the “???” variety when I saw that the Grande camp also paired the popstress with The Weeknd… yeah, the alt-R&B dude with the antigravity dreads and the love songs about crew lovin’ groupies, alcohol ‘n’ Adderall.  It seems like an odd pairing on paper and the idea truly only seems to work as an attempt to give Miz Grande a bit of “street cred” and Mister ‘Knd a shot at mainstream exposure.

The video is all goth set design and lighting as Ari G. coos the lyrics in a tight skirt, bra and kitten ears(?!).  Aside from the sand play, the former Disney queen also has a nice moment in the aerial water scenes that recall videos from Rihanna to Toni Braxton. The Weeknd shows up for verse two in a dimly lit hallway and just as I’d assumed that this was two separate video shoots masquerading as a duet, I was finally hit with the money shot of the two stars together.  The duo generates little to no chemistry but the video does succeed at making me actually liking the song.

Lack of sexy aside, “Love Me Harder” is an ooohey-goooey solid tune and the synthpop mid-tempo pop production is a refreshing change of pace from the bombast of her previous singles.  Yup, it’s another hit for Miz Grande and perhaps and a gateway into the world of Top 40 for Weeknd and his drug addled bedroom ballads. 



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