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Azealia Banks - “Ice Princess” (Video) (NSFW)

Azealia Banks - “Ice Princess” (Video) (NSFW)

on Mar 31 in Azealia BanksHip HopVideos

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Yeah, it’s really easy to get distracted by this chick’s social media/press interview antics and the various (sometimes) one-sided beefs that she has with other artists.  However if you separate the talent from the Twitter, you realize (at least I did) that there is more to Azealia Banks than the “4, 5 seconds from wildin’” blog headlines that she may or may not court.

I’ve always appreciated Banks’ penchant for pairing her very Harlem girl flow with a sound that draws heavily from 90s underground house music.  The latest video from last year’s Broke With Expensive Taste album is more of a hip hop/EDM hybrid whose viusal suggests what would happen if Frozen‘s Elsa was a bad a$$ castle-dwelling chick from around the way with a Medusa fetish.

There are lots of computer generated special effects eye candy going on here including the dancing Ironman army, the previously mentioned Medusa head piece and a Katy-Perry-Super-Bowl-tiger/lion-remisicent giant serpent that Banks rides cuz she’s got volcano laser zapping errands to run.  While the title of her debut album suggests that she is “broke”, what continues to impress me with Azealia’s video output is the substantial funds she has to put out these slick polished visuals.  How is an independent artist with no major radio hits scraping together the dollars it takes to compete with the big budget clips of her major label peers?

With the album receiving high praise from fans and critics and a decent run of videos from the project, it’s a shame that the artistry gets overshadowed by what seems to be her fixation on becoming “Kanye-lia Banks.”



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