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Beverly - “Precious” (Video)

Beverly - “Precious” (Video)

on Dec 07 in BeverlyPassport TunesVideos

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Yes, on the surface you take a cursory glance at J-Pop ingenue (even though she’s Filapina) and think “Jap-ariana Grande”!  And yes, the signature dramatic ponytail and love for pink are present. However, Miss Beverly also has a squad of dancing bears(?) and catchy poppy disco/funk single in her arsenal as well, so there—- take that, Ari!

As is often the case, I recently discovered Beverly after spending an hour or five on YouTube and after clicking “play”, I was buying what she was selling about 5 seconds into this video. “Precious” lives up to its name and is a fun lil’ 2019 take on what easily could have been a Cheryl Lynn single in the 70s and the video is instantly iconic with its easy to learn choreo, decidedly not 20-something white sweat suited dance troupe of high school teachers(?), and a pop star giving you just enough “aloof ‘n’ detached cool girl” vibes without it being off-putting.

This single/video would be huge in the U.S. had it been done by Miz Grande, but alas, the camp classic in the making will only be embraced by J-Pop fans for now… and readers of this blog!



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