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Beyonce - “Ego” (Video)

Beyonce - “Ego” (Video)

on May 22 in BeyonceR&BVideos

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So forty five seconds into this and I’m thinking “Oh, so its ‘Single Ladies’ with different leotards in front of a faux brick wall”.  However, I gave the video a chance and thanks to the pop ‘n’ dip ‘ography (courtesy of a one Miss Sheryl Murakami), I actually kinda like it—- I’m still not in love with the song, but I can at least tolerate it now.  Yeah, its more of the same, but when Sasha is on, she is on.  And as I much as I hate that she’s saying “I’m the sh*t and I can back it up”... well, she ain’t lyin’.  B., for better or worse, is still the #1 chick in the game although I wish there was at least one other girl who posed a threat.  In the meantime, La Knowles can simply coast on re-doing ish she has done before ‘til these other girls step up their game.  Grade: B-


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