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Big Bang - “Made” (Tour Trailer)

Big Bang - “Made” (Tour Trailer)

on Apr 17 in Big BangK-Pop/K-R&B/K-Hip HopPassport Tunes

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15 cities!  70 shows!  New music!  Yup, those rumblings you hear is the K-Pop world bracing itself for the inevitable explosion or duh, the Big Bang, now that the pop titans have gotten down to the serious business of promoting their “comeback” album and tour.  Hmmmm… are any of those elaborate plans involving stops in the U.S.?

YG Entertainment (their record label) clearly set the hype machine on “mind melt” as the Tarantino-esque trailer, which looks like it cost a gajillion dollars, casts the fellas as a suited up rat pack quintet of bad a$$es involved in all kinds of car chasin’, pool divin’, and shootin’ ish up antics in the action packed two minutes.  Soundtracking the mayhem is a ballsy G-Dragon penned whiskey soaked bar jam that is more White Stripes than the sing song-y pop of their past hits.  While it remains to be seen if this is the creative direction of the tour and album, it sure is a blast-tastic way to kick off a year that will undoubtedly for them be big and a ban… well, you get the idea.  Rumor has it that the team behdind Jay-Z and Beyonce’s On The Run outing are working on this project so clearly money isn’t too much of a concern.

I just hope the fellas set aside a few dollars in the budget to make a decent album.



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