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Big Boi - “Shutterbug” (Video)

Big Boi - “Shutterbug” (Video)

on May 28 in Hip HopVideos

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You know you can’t go wrong with a Big Boi video as its almost a guarantee that when one of the OutKast boyz is comin’ witta visual, he’s definitely gonna come correct.

Sir Boi returns sans Andre 3000 but armed with Tron dancers, funky puppets, a wall of red Solo cups, throwback electric race car sets, a Soul II Soul reference, Keri Hilson and a literal head hunter just to remind you that, contrary to popular belief, hip hop and hip hop videos ARE NOT dead!  I can even look past that obvious and tacky Crown Royal product placement cuz the execution of the rest of the vid is so top notch.  Watching this clip makes me mad, though, at these creatively bankrupt ringtone rappers runnin’ around making wack music and lazy videos that rely on a teenage boys’ limitless tolerance for gyrating groupies and an audience’s silent acceptance of rampant f*ckery.  You don’t have to reference Salvador Dali paintings or use obscure French art films as inspiration, but would it kill some of these brothas to take us somewhere else besides the strip club or the hood?  Sorry, tangent…

I rant about that all the time, so please forgive me.  But yes, the new Big Boi—- “Shutterbug” is, needless to say, miles better than a lot of what passes for “hot joints” on 106 & Park nowadays with clever lyrical wordplay that stands up to repeated listens from “Sir Luscious Left Foot, The Son of Chico Dusty” and an 80s-influenced club groove to incite some serious head nodding action.  Factor in those crazy digital special effects and you’ve got pretty much the best hip hop video of the year so far… now when can we get that OutKast reunion?  Grade: B+

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