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Black Eyed Peas - “Imma Be/Rock That Body” (Video)

Black Eyed Peas - “Imma Be/Rock That Body” (Video)

on Feb 16 in Black Eyed PeasHip HopPopVideos

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So if I am to understand the Peas correctly, the wave of the future is b-boying Transformers and Rob Base samples?

Alrighty, so BEP dominated pop music last year with frat house rap jam “Boom Boom Pow” and drunken karaoke staple “I Gotta Feeling” before getting a so-so response from US audiences with what I think is their best single in forever, the dipped-in-80s-Madonna jam “Meet Me Halway”.  Now Fergie ‘n’ Dem return with another pair of bazillion dollar videos for “Imma Be” and “Rock That Body”, slated as the next single releases for America and Europe, respectively.

“Imma Be” starts off with a tense disagreement as Wil.I.Am tries to convince the group that computer generated Black Eyed Pea singing/rapping is so very “next level”.  The fight concludes with Fergie huffily speeding away on her bike before waking up in the middle of the desert rocking the first of two budget superhero costumes for this latest adventure.  We get a few minutes of Ferg acting not quite as fierce as she thinks she is before the vanilla rapstress meets up with Wil.I.Am and the two are inexplicably chased by a robot who looks like some junior animator’s first draft design.

The chase leads us to the other two boy Peas that aren’t Wil, subwoofers and a Storm Trooper on steroids treat us to a dance routine and then BAM!  We’re off to the next video for the euro-friendly “Rock That Body”.  The second half of this short film furthers the group’s vision of the future as they blast innocent bystanders with “groove guns” while simulatneously modeling the latest in scrap metal minidresses, helmets, S&M masks and shoulder spikes.  Their 3008 dance party also involves the cartoonishly Autotuned vocals of La Ferg and the blatant product placement of beer, BMW, and electronics? (What the h*ll is that “B” logo about anyway?  After umpteen close-up shots, I still don’t know what they’re selling!)

So yeah, because they’re coming off of two monstrously huge singles, the Peas have the budget to go the mini-movie route this time around and they waste all that money on ideas seeming hatched by some 12-year old sci-fi geek whose limited imagination doesn’t extend any further than Star Wars, The Matrix, and Transformers.  The thing about big budget videos is that they’re usually either an awe-inspiring visual feast or an excessive, bloated mess and unfortunately, the latest from BEP falls somewhere closer to the “bloated” side.  It’s a shame cuz no one seems to have told Wil.I.Am that his vision for the future (shiny stuff! robots!) has all been done before, and done better.  Grade: C+

Download “Imma Be” here.
Download “Rock That Body” here.





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