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BoA - “Energetic” (Video)

BoA - “Energetic” (Video)

on Aug 05 in BoAPopVideos

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Poor BoA, here she is on single #3 with this project and she still hasn’t managed to produce a hit—- and this anonymous, but catchy, piece of robo-Euro-dance-funk isn’t gonna really help matters.  Once again, she comes up with a decent choreography-heavy, although typical, dance video. However, maybe if “Eat You Up” or “I Did It For Love” had actually connected with US audiences then a track where the AutoTune, the production, and the producer-sung hook outshining the actual artist might not have been such a suicidal single choice. However, it is a flop waiting to happen cuz buried in the giant goings-ons of the song is a little-known Asian girl still trying to be a pop star in America.

With Britney sleepwalking through her career right now, the field is wide open for a dancing pop starlet to snatch the crown.  Perhaps the label will have faith in BoA and bless her with a second album that doesn’t try so hard to camouflage the fact that she is Korean.  I mean, not everyone can be a blue-eyed blonde teen from the midwest who took a few street jazz classes in New York.  Grade: B-


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