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BoA - “Camo” (Video)

BoA - “Camo” (Video)

on Jun 26 in BoAK-Pop/K-R&B/K-Hip HopVideos

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While most girl groups are busying themselves with struggle twerks or cutesy kiddie choreo, elder stateswoman BoA continues to hold it down as the best female dancer in K-Pop.  All of these other girls need to put a pause on the lollipops and sad booty pops and take notes.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost ten years(!) since her team tried to break her here in the U.S. but she thankfully didn’t let that setback slow her roll overseas.  Mama B is back with “Camo”, a slinky dance track following in the same R&B/Pop vibey footsteps of 2015’s “Kiss My Lips”.  Perhaps Team BoA took my critiques to heart (ha!) with “Kiss” cuz they seemed to get everything right—- pretty much—- this time around.

Visuals? Hot! Choreo? On point! Styling?.... hmmmm, better but still not a home run. The video crams several concepts into a busy three minutes surrounding B with various video projections, black and white minimalism, botanical soundstages and a vaguely bordello-esque set seemingly influenced by 80s neon and throwback tech.  Despite all the big budget-ness of the production, though, the star of “Camo” remains BoA and her skills as a dancer, an impressive fusion of fluidity and aggressive sharpness unmatched by any of her contemporaries.  Over 15 years in the game and she can not only hang with current K-Pop choreo titans BTS, but she could most certainly give her current American equivalent Tinashe a reason to be worried as well.

Watch BoA do the d*mn thing in her latest AND a throwback video from the sadly underappreciated American crossover era.



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