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BoA featuring Sean Garrett - “I Did It For Love” (Video)

BoA featuring Sean Garrett - “I Did It For Love” (Video)

on Apr 22 in BoAPopVideos

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BoA takes another go at US pop stardom with her latest single “I Did It For Love”.  Sure, we’ve seen pretty much everything in the clip done by others (thank you notes need to go out to Britney, Brandy, Aaliyah, Janet and Michael to name a few) but its still a solid effort from Miss B. 

So no, the concept isn’t terribly original and this song isn’t nearly as catchy as “Eat You Up”, but its still nice to see BoA sex it up a little bit this time around. The special effects are kinda cool and I might be the only one to feel this way, but I think the fan section was a “yeah, baby!” moment. I mean, I kinda went up for it. Grade: B

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