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BoA - “Kiss My Lips” (Video)

BoA - “Kiss My Lips” (Video)

on Sep 03 in BoAK-Pop/K-R&B/K-Hip HopPassport TunesVideos

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I wasn’t really impressed with this video when it came out a few months ago, but I’ve revisited it as a result of bumping the song on my iPod throughout most of the summer and I’ve had a slight change of heart.  Checking out all of the Unbreakable Tour fan footage over these past few days apparently has me in the mood for dancing female pop stars so of course all roads would inevitably lead me back to Korea’s answer to Janet.

Much like Miz Jackson, BoA is considered a legend at this stage in her career having racked up 15 successful years in the game as well as a string of smash Korean AND Japanese albums!  Her bid for U.S. dominance in 2008 went bust mainly because the label’s push wasn’t hard enough cuz the girl’s got the goods!  She is and has been one of the best dancers K-Pop has to offer so it’s a shame that her American crossover story didn’t have a happier ending.  “Kiss My Lips” is the title track from B’s latest Korean album that finds Team BoA steering her in a more mature, sexy direction but they unfortunately don’t quite reach their destination.

The problem with “Kiss My Lips” isn’t the song as it’s got a lil’ pop/R&B sexy groove thing going for it that essentially works as a blueprint for the sexification of the track’s star.  No, where things fall apart for this project is mainly, for me at least, the styling.  That white Kids Choice Awards outfit with the chunky space boots, the sparkly blue dress that similarly took Grammys Katy Perry to Matronville once upon a time, that no bueno black and white mod onesie?... all bad choices and not the least bit sexy.  At all.

It also doesn’t help matters that some of the choreo doesn’t really lend itself to Operation: Sexify BoA either; those Ciara-esque body rolls just look awkward and only succeed in being distracting.  With all of these shortcomings aside, though, I’ve warmed up a bit to the video simply because in reviewing some of her older clips (which you can check out here and here) I’ve grown to appreciate her more as a (k)pop artist who dances… and that hip slap move that repeats during the choruses is simple yet so dope that I can pretty much forgive everything else.

While it’s disappointing that the sexiest thing about “Kiss My Lips” is the song, I’m still gonna give BoA a pass simply for simply proving that 15 years in, that she too is unbreakable… now, get your unbreakable a$$ on the phone and fire your stylists!

And hop back in the BoA time machine and travel back to 2008 when they were trying to make her happen here in the states with this lil’ ditty…





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