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Bobby - “HOLUP!” (Video)

Bobby - “HOLUP!” (Video)

on Sep 06 in BobbyiKONK-Pop/K-R&B/K-Hip HopVideos

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Bobby may not want to think of himself as a “K-Pop artist”, but he is.  And for those for who think the genre is all cutesy, stick thin, barely legal Lolitas cheerily chirping about the concerns of 12 year olds, I present to you Bobby’s debut video, “HOLUP!”... cuz sometimes Korean kids wanna turn up too!

So Bobby is the designated rapper in iKON, a group that I’m assuming is being positioned by their label to replace marquee artists Big Bang as their eventual go to K-pop boy idol cash cow.  Ol’ Bobb is doing the solo thing for a minute and aiming straight for the clubs with “Holup”... no “d” needed.  The track embraces that aggressive hip hop x EDM x clanging pots ‘n’ pans sound that other groups like BTS and GOT7 have adopted for their recent chart hits.

The video, though, elevates the song by matching its energy while Bobby channels label mate G-Dragon and invites us into his manic kaleidoscope world of acid trip house parties, crazy animation effects, and lucite bath tubs.  As with any K-Pop video, it’s a lot to try and digest in one sitting, so a second or third viewing might be in order.  While the special effects are impressive and the track is a banger, my take away is that this kid is all the way in Korea in a big budget video rocking the “socks ‘n’ chanclas” look like the Domincan dudes in Washington Heights… and it works!



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