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Britney Spears - “If You Seek Amy” (Video)

Britney Spears - “If You Seek Amy” (Video)

on Mar 23 in Britney SpearsPopVideos

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It is indeed Britney, b*tch.  La Spears is back with the third single off of her Circus album, a saucy lil’ pop number called “If You Seek Amy”.  The track manages to cleverly sneak the word “f*ck” into its chorus, but someone forgot to come up with an alternate interpretation of the song, which is supposed to have a double meaning.  So instead of a track that is a play on words, we’re basically left with “(If You Seek) Aiming For A Double Entendre, But Could Only Muster Up One.”

At any rate, like a reliable wind-up sex doll, Britters plops her “My Prerogative” weave on her head, pushes up her t*ts, dusts off her vintage Pepsi commercial-era hair tosses, and sets her “Entertain The Masses” meter on “titillate.”  We all know this Britney well—- she of the smudged heavy eye make-up and gyrating loins, but I can’t say that this effort was as effective as it was in, say, “I’m A Slave 4 U”.  The first half of the video comes off looking like her perfume commercials with some ‘ography thrown in and the second half, which finds her morphing into a desperate housewife, is just… just.

I can’t really hate though.  If this chick doesn’t stay busy with tours and making videos, then we have to deal with her running around wit’ no panties on terrorizing barbershops, Starbucks, and the mean streets of Mailbu.  Grade: C


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