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Bruno Mars - “24K Magic” (Video)

Bruno Mars - “24K Magic” (Video)

on Oct 07 in Bruno MarsPopR&BVideos

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“Bruno’s back!” screams most of the headlines that I’m seeing about this new track from Mr. Mars and others are impressed he’s broken a four year(!?!) silence with another jammy jam. OK, yes, technically “Uptown Funk” was a Mark Ronson song but we all know it wasn’t diehard Ronson fans that made it a hit and wasn’t that thing E-VE-RY-WHERE?!

Alrighty… now with that minor rant outta my system we can get down to the business of dissecting this “24K Magic” business.  A few seconds in and it’s obvious that Bruno is still mining the 80s for hits. “Uptown” had him lurking around maybe ‘82 or ‘83 whereas this new single sounds like he’s shifted to the middle of that decade—- ‘85 perhaps—- for his latest inspiration.  Fans of his sensitive “I love you no matter what” Valentine jams will be shocked by the 2016 Mars who’s now shouting out “bad b*tches and your ugly a** friends”.  Yes, this new clip finds ol’ Bruno in full floss mode and taking his “so fly gotta kiss myself” swag from “Uptown” and giving it a “ball out in Vegas” revision.

I wasn’t feeling any of it but the casino anointing moment totally changed all of that—- it’ll be a meme in 3…2…—- and I was onboard with Bruno’s “Magic” tricks after that.  I’m always slow to warm up to his music so I’ll assume that this is yet another slow burner and I’ll simply congratulate B. Marz on his being #blessed enough to live out his Versace fantasies and bring his homes along with him.



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