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Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B - “Finesse” (Remix) (Video)

Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B - “Finesse” (Remix) (Video)

on Jan 04 in 90'sBruno MarsR&BVideos

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I’m kinda hot/cold with Bruno and his whole “throwback” thing when it comes to his music—sometimes I dig it, other times I’m just not into it… at all.  On it’s own, “Finesse” doesn’t really do anything for me but if you wanna throw in some Cardi B verses and make a video that’s an homage to a classic TV show, well… then I might have to give the song a second chance.

Bruno looks to the past again with his latest single, an unabashed 90’s new jack swing throwback that channels the era but the song really doesn’t well, “swing”.  Luckily, it totally works as an excuse for Bruno and his boys to channel The Fly Girls in a video that is a love letter to In Living Color—the show that gave us Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey and J. Lo!

Cardi B is all kinds of perfect in “Finesse”, wisely switching up her flow to fit the vibe of the track and stealing the show with the now expected Cardi shenanigans.

Break out your Cross Colours and unleash a few “you go, girl"s as you embrace your inner 90s head with the latest from Bruno ‘n’ Cardi.



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