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BTS - “Not Today” & “Spring Day” (Video)

BTS - “Not Today” & “Spring Day” (Video)

on Feb 19 in BTSK-Pop/K-R&B/K-Hip HopVideo Games

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The turnaround time for a lot of these K-Pop artists is so fast that I find myself getting whiplash.  I’m still bumping several tracks from BTS’ Wings album—- just released a few months ago—- and now here they come with yet more new material competing for my attention.  It’s all just too much… but I’ll take it.

The Boys of Bangtan are back four months after dropping “Blood, Sweat & Tears” and “Fire” with new album You Never Walk Alone, though it’s really just a repackaged Wings with a handful of bonus tracks.  The first single was the winter ballad “Spring Day” and while it was OK, I was expecting their typical brand of bratty trap pop so I had to dig deeper to find a proper head knocker which turned out to be “Not Today”.

The video is a cinematic epic dance clip and the kind of beautifully shot big budget spectacle that always hurts my feelings—- oh, if only I had these kinds of resources!  Armed with a troupe of ninja back-up dancers, BTS gets busy one time in a parking garage and a rooftop before elevating the party with a slo-mo run through a stunning mesa and stopping, with the table mountain as a backdrop, to hit you with more choreo atop what looks like a massive ice stage.

The aerial shots, the slow motion footage, the throwing of the ninja costumes in the air… all “wow!” moments that somehow made me appreciate the choreography as the video wore on.  “Not Today” is such a strong visual statement that I went back and gave “Spring Day” another shot and um yeah, I’m kinda feeling it now.  Sample both tracks below while I sit here and agonize over having to reorganize my Top 5 K-Pop groups.



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