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Cee-Lo - F**k You (Video) (NSFW)

Cee-Lo - F**k You (Video) (NSFW)

on Sep 24 in Cee-Lo GreenPopR&BVideos

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Love, love, love!  Cee-lo is undoubtedly the sh*t, so of course he was gonna come through with a hot video for this song.  “F**k You” was a buzzed about smash the second it hit these here internets and so hopes were high for the video.  Though the clip dropped a while ago and even though I knew this, I somehow neglected to do a post on it ‘til now (it’s amazing how instantly outdated one becomes when they step away from blogging for even a minute!)

Anways, “F**k You: The Musical” is a killer retro themed clip set in a diner where C’s “unlucky in love” trials ‘n’ tribulations are chronicled over the years with some hilarious Dreamgirls giving you “Sassy Greek Chorus In Pumps.”  Despite the bitter sentiment in the lyrics, both the song and the video seem to brilliantly find humor in heartbreak suggesting that toe-tappin’ doo-wop soul is the common cure for the damaging effects of cruel, selfish b*tches.  The photography, the styling, the attention to detail, the simple yet effective choreography and the brilliant supporting cast (I’m telling you those Dreamgirls pretty much stole the show!)—- everything was perfect.  This is one of those rare occasions where the stars are aligned and a perfect union of song and video magically takes place; either this clip sweeps the VMAs next year, or simply don’t have a show.

Of course all’s well that ends well as our cocoa hero moves on from the crafty chicks and embarrassing french fry run-ins to triumphantly become a certified “Lady Killer” by the end of the video.  Its both a cautionary tale for aspiring gold diggers and a beacon of hope for boo-less young’uns suggesting that today’s caterpillars can become tomorrow’s cat daddies!  Sir Lo is also responsible for one of my favorite videos of all time, so I thank him and his southern fried, home cooked genius for continuing to bring the hotness (still!) after all these years.  “F**k You”?, no f**k every other video that came out this year!  Grade: A+

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