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Cee Lo Green - “Bright Lights Bigger City” (Video)

Cee Lo Green - “Bright Lights Bigger City” (Video)

on Nov 10 in Cee-Lo GreenPopVideos

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Well, I’d already stated my love for the track in an earlier post, so there’s no need to re-gush, but d*mn I love this song!

Yes the video is as cinematic and epic as the single with Mr. Green playing a big baller/shot caller type while being flanked by supermodels who ironically get upstaged by a sexy nighttime New York skyline as the flyest eye candy in the video—- well played, NY, well played.  I do the wish the sistas had gotten a bit more shine than just that of Cee-To-Tha-Lo’s groomer, but it’s a small quibble.  Aside from the glossy visuals, there isn’t much else goin’ on here ‘cept for a skimpy plot where C. gets jacked for his paper by one of the Euro models and her tragically cornrowed accomplice.

Its a bit ironic that “Bright Lights Bigger City” is this big budget, super slick video that looks more like a movie even though there isn’t really that much of a story—- or perhaps considering what typically comes out of Hollywood, maybe it ain’t that ironic after all.  The whole thing almost comes off like an extended liquor ad thanks to the gratuitous product placement of that d*mn Remy Martin bottle—- is this kind of intrusive advertising really that effective?—- but luckily for everyone, the song is so major, you almost kinda don’t even need the visuals.  Grade: B-



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