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Cheryl Cole - “Fight For This Love” (Video)

Cheryl Cole - “Fight For This Love” (Video)

on Oct 08 in Cheryl ColePassport TunesPopVideos

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Somewhere out there, Victoria Beckham is contemplating ending it all behind this girl’s success. Here we have a generically attractive member of a successful UK girl band (Girls Aloud) with let’s say “modest vocal chops” going solo and racking up #1 hits!  This is all well and good, but Posh tried the same thing earlier in the decade and could barely get Mr. Beckham to purchase a CD of her musical offerings.

Fast forward to now and Cheryl Cole seems to be pulling off a feat that poor Victoria can only dream about… or pay someone to dream it for her.  Anyways, CC is all the rage over in the UK right now stealing hearts as a judge—- yes, judge—- on the hit reality singing competition X Factor, selling a ton of lipsticks as the face of Revlon, and now racking up hits as a successful solo artist.  I dismissed the song when I first heard it but once I came across the demo featuring the lead vocal of the guy who co-wrote it (Andre Merritt) and who can actually sing, I eventually warmed up to the track.

The video is basically “American Life” x “Rhythm Nation” divided by “Like A Boy”.  Its all rather standard fare but I will give C.Co. credit for pretty much matching her dancers step for step—- she coulda simply modeled that Forever 21 striped hoodie for the duration of the video, but you can tell that she did put some effort into this.  Here in the US, I’m not sure how she would fit in the Gaga/Miley landscape, but I could totally see high schoolers making this song their prom season/graduation anthem.  Grade: B-

Check out her big-budget production number performance of the song on X-Factor here.




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