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Christina Aguilera - “Accelerate” (Video)

Christina Aguilera - “Accelerate” (Video)

on May 03 in Christina AguileraPopVideos

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The youngsters might only know her as “ummm…. that lady judge on The Voice”, but we old crusty music fans remember Xtina as a big deal from the TRL heyday of pop music who was equally fond of assless chaps and genies.  L’Aguilera is back, it seems, reclaiming her time on the pop landscape and ready to make a bid for radio relevancy.

“Accelerate”, on first listen, is an odd track in that it channels the 80s, vintage 90s Masters At Work productions while also injecting a very right now trap ‘n’ b midsection into the the mix.  The song suggests that it’s going somewhere, that there is some kind of payoff seconds away but then… it simply rides the chill fusion vibe thing without anything sonically interesting ever happening.

The video is a bit better with it’s NYU film major artsy film project aesthetics that include lube baptisms, VHS quality effects, glitter tongues and various peek-a-boo shots of the star’s breasts.  Ambitious visuals aside, it’s refreshing to see Christina continuing with the “natural look” that she debuted with her recent Paper magazine shoot.  Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz feature on the track but are absent in the video which is fine—- if “Accelerate” were a party I’d tell them that they didn’t miss much.

I dunno… Am I sleeping on this track?  Is it a grower?  Hit play, check it out and lemme know.




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