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Christina Aguilera - “Not Myself Tonight” (Video) (Sorta NSFW-ish)

Christina Aguilera - “Not Myself Tonight” (Video) (Sorta NSFW-ish)

on Apr 30 in Christina AguileraDancePopVideos

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I kinda feel bad for Christina, I really do.  For the first half of her career the poor thing couldn’t make one move without someone invoking the name of her Mickey Mouse nemesis Britney.  Now with over ten years in the game(!) under her belt, she still has to contend with being compared to yet another blonde, only this time its relative new jack (or is it “jill”?) on the pop block, a one Ms. Lady Gaga.  What’s a pint-sized diva to do?

Well apparently, you avoid being compared to your chart rivals by copying the ambitiously blonde gal who reigns over them all.  So yeah, for the first minute of this video I was giving Chrissy a serious side eye for the blatant Madonna jacking but by the time we got to the scene that was so obviously an homage to Madge’s “Express Yourself” video, I fell back a bit and realized that “Not Myself Tonight” is an across the board intentional(?) video valentine to Maddy.  If you look closely, you’ll find iconic moments from La ‘Donna’s “Human Nature”, “Like A Prayer”, and “Express Yourself” sandwiched in between shots of X-Tina in runway-ready bondage gear.

I dunno, I kinda feel like the Madonna rip-off…er, “tribute” is kind of a lazy cop out.  Everything so far about the new album, from the faux bad girl’s harmless pop of a first single to the relatively tame bisexual S&M kink theme of the video, feels hopelessly safe.  It also doesn’t help matters than in the middle of this aggressive attempt to shock, we have to take a break from the whips and bejeweled muzzles for some shameless product placement.  In fact, the close-ups of the cell phone and L’Aguilera’s fragrance are, ironically, the only true “Ohmigod… I can’t believe she took it there!” moments in the whole video.

As I’ve said before, I really thought this Bionic project was gonna be a milestone, a forward thinking foray into electronic dance music based on Christy Love’s reported collaborators (Sia, M.I.A, Ladytron) and interviews where she basically insinuated as much.  However, so far we’ve only been treated to a warmed over Chris Brown dance track and a big budget shoutout to someone else’s ground-breaking videos—- is this the “futuristic” direction you were talking about oh so many months ago ‘Tina?  I mean yes, seeing the album artwork come to life was really cool, the “half animation” bit was definitely a step in the right direction, and I do like the look of the vid (that diamond-encrusted S&M slave get-up is especially sickening—- aoww!)  However, don’t return to the music scene with a project where you’ve positioned yourself as some kind of vanguard boundary-pushing artist if all you’re gonna do is cop a beat from Rihanna’s ex (seriously, no pun intended) and make a Madonna tribute video—- h*ll, any number of ambitious YouTube queens coulda done that!  Grade: C+

NOTE:  Optimist that I am, I still have hope that there will be flashes of brilliance on the new album.  She worked with M.I.A. for crying out loud; its a can’t fail situation, right?  Right???



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