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Christina Milian - “Us Against The World” (Video)

Christina Milian - “Us Against The World” (Video)

on Jan 13 in Christina MilianR&BVideos

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I know I’m always giving Chrissy sh*t for turning down a lil’ song called SOS (which of course eventually was a hit for some chick named Rihanna), but I think its great that she is still on her grind trying to make the singing thing happen.

Her new single Us Against The World has been out for a minute and I am as umimpressed now as when I first heard it.  My initial reaction when I started watching the video was, “Oh… Christina Milian has a budget???”  I wasn’t quite sure what to make of her singning in the desert rocking a couture bustier and some skimpy black panties, but then two things happened:

1)  I realized that I’ve seen that top that she wears in the beginning before in a magazine photo spread and it is A-FREAKING-MA-ZING! (You can’t tell from the video). Up ‘n’ coming visionary designers The Blonds created this genius piece which is a series of interlocking Run-D.M.C.-styled dookie rope chains in various sizes.

2)  That chorus kicked in and C. Mili gave me my first “yeah, baby!” moment in a video this year.  She looked phenomenal in that gold chainlink Whitney-Houston-Bodyguard-hoodie… and her makeup was flawless.  This is the kinda sh*t Beyonce-the-supposed-hottest-chick-in-the-game should be rocking!

Anyways, faboo hoodie aside, there isn’t anything special about the video or the song.  Sure, she looks great, but so what?  Rocking couture in the desert and then confusing me with feathers and an autumn-themed backdrop 3/4 of the way through is not gonna cut it.  And why is she rocking all this fabulous runway sh*t and then her rent-a-hottie staggers across the sand rocking some dirt splashed Old Navy cargos?  Just askin…

Like I said, its nice to see that she’s still trying, but you gon’ have to come a lil’ bit harder than this, sweetie.  Grade:  B (Cuz the styling was so on point)

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