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Christine and The Queens - “Titled” (Video) / Video Collection

Christine and The Queens - “Titled” (Video) / Video Collection

on Feb 02 in Christine and The QueensPassport TunesPopVideos

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Don’t be fooled by the artist’s name, Christine is indeed blonde, but she is not being backed by former contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race—- though that too would have been interesting.  Not sure what the story is on “The Queens” but Christine is a french pop artist who clearly has a thing for lush synth-pop and Michael Jackson.  I meant to do a write-up about C&TQ when I saw her(?)/them(?) on The Daily Show a while back and the gentle remind came when I saw a Queen-less Christine at the recent Jean Paul Gaultier show in Paris.

I often turn to K-Pop videos when I need a dose of high energy choreography and a rapid fire visuals but there are other times when I need fewer bells and not so many whistles because as I often say in dance class, “there is beauty in simplicity.”  Christine and The Queens’ “Tilted” is that quiet yet effective moment for me as the video simply places Chrissy in a studio awash in blues as she and her dancers execute quirky choreo on an elevated stage.  Ahhhh yes, the choreo… it’s part hip hop, a bit modern and a splash of MJ homage and I absolutely love all of it.  The dancers’ constant “falling” off of the stage?  Yes!  The “beneath stage” shots?  We’ve seen it before but it works here as well.

With the (American) pop landscape crowded with the likes of T. Swift, RiRi, Gaga, Katy and Mrs. Carter it’s refreshing to discover an artist like Christine and The Queens in that she’s creating her own land and doing something different without appearing as though she’s trying really hard to do so.  With a U.S. album reportedly in the works, it’ll be interesting to see if there is room at the pop diva table for ‘Tine ‘n’ The Queens.  Check out the sublime visuals for “Tilted” below and then go ahead and sample some of her other clips as well.  This is one of those times that the French got it right. wink 



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