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Ciara - “Dance Like We’re Making Love” (Video)

Ciara - “Dance Like We’re Making Love” (Video)

on Jul 17 in CiaraR&BVideos

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Dave Meyers, the man who directed every Missy Elliott video from the early 2000s that you love, has generously gifted Ciara with the best video of her career… and I had to revisit “Like A Boy” and “Promise” before making such a bold statement. 

I sampled Ciara’s latest album Jackie when it dropped a few months ago and “Dance Like We’re Making Love” grabbed my attention… but then it didn’t hold on to it.  I kept expecting the song to go somewhere, but it was content to start off in a sexy sparse midtempo groove space and then remain there for the duration of the track.  The beautifully shot visuals, however, have me second guessing whether I should give this “Dance” another chance.

Overhead shots of pop stars in water has been done before, but Ciara raises(?) the bar in those opening scenes as those underboob close-ups let you know what type of party this video is gonna be and the aerial moments above the pool confirm that it will indeed be an attempted wig snatching affair.  Ci continues her lovestruck glamourpuss makeover as she roams the halls of a mansion and its grounds in various cleavage bearing outfits while pretending that she’s starring in an expensive perfume ad.  Unfortunately, the video loses a bit of steam for me by the time we reach what I assume is supposed to be the main set piece, the duet between Ciara and her love interest dance partner.  Some of the movement looked awkward considering the artist was in a dress and it would’ve been nice to have Ci soften her attack and approach the choreo differently from what we’ve seen in her past performances.

That hallway striptease strut more than makes up for my choreography quibbles and the naked baby powder moment is gorgeous as well.  With all of this lush imagery going on, it’s a shame that I’m immediately yanked out of the fantasy world that Team CiCi worked so hard to create with those jarring product placement shots.  Yes, corporate sponsorship is a necessary evil nowadays but Ciara randomly rocking headphones isn’t seamless integration but rather a mood killing way for Beats Audio to interrupt the mood and yell, “Hey, we helped pay for this video!”

After such a promising (no pun intended) opening scene, I really wanted to love this clip but I will have to settle for simply liking it a lot instead.  However, it is a testament to Dave Meyers and his impressive direction that despite its flaws, “Dance Like We’re Making Love” is a next level moment for Ciara and an noteworthy polished leap from her early “Goodies” days.



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