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Ciara featuring Missy Elliott - “Work” (Video)

Ciara featuring Missy Elliott - “Work” (Video)

on Jun 25 in Missy ElliottR&BVideos

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Well, the album is tanking on the charts so its nice to see that the label still has enough faith in this project to drop a sh*tload of money on another video.  After finally scoring a hit with the unimpressive track with Justin, Ciara follows it with… another unimpressive track with Missy Elliott this time around.

“Work” is a track that is clearly intended to appeal to “the children” but I don’t think putting “b*tch you betta work” in the chorus over a so-so electro dance beat is enough to get the rainbow seal of approval.  However, I will say that I love the look of this video and its WTF marriage of couture with construction sites (the ginormous truck was a nice touch).  I think CiCi nails what B. failed to do with her “Diva” video in freaking a runway meets grime-ay “clash of the polar opposites” kinda visual.  And no up-tempo Ciara joint would be complete without dancing and the choreography, this time around, takes its influences from strip clubs, gay clubs, and… “Thriller” for a routine that ultimately will not be remembered.  All is not lost, though, as C. was working the hell out of that ponytail in what I’m assuming is a tribute to Leyomi Mizrahi.

So yeah, I really like the look and the styling of this clip, but I still just cannot into this song.  It is nice to see that there is life for singing black girls beyond Beyonce and Rihanna.  Grade: B+


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