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Ciara featuring Young Jeezy - “Never Ever” (Video)

Ciara featuring Young Jeezy - “Never Ever” (Video)

on Feb 03 in CiaraR&BVideosYoung Jeezy

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Oh CiCi… what in the Keri Hilson hell is goin’ on with your project?  The first single, “Go Girl”, was released last fall and well, it went nowhere—- and rightly so cuz T-Pain or no, the song was not the bizness.  Now we have another “first” single to try and convince us that your new album Fantasy Ride is worth checking out.  First off, you lucked out with “Promise” last time, but you ain’t really in that Houston/Carey vocal league where you can slow down the tempo at will—- the beat must be poppin’ at all times!

Furthermore, you got one more time to “borrow” from Janet before I officially start calling you “Ciara Jacks, Son”.  That intro and middle section was straight “That’s The Way Love Goes” (so much that I was waiting to hear “Side A, boo” when she walked over to the tape deck), and hitting Beyonce up for her “Crazy In Love” tank top and jean shorts outfit doesn’t help matters either.  I will give it to you that you look great and dem heels is hot, but that ain’t enough.  Oh and Young Jeezy?... completely unnecessary for this record, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you called him and not Lil’ Wayne.  Now, can we stop playin’?  Where is the club banga with the dope video choreography that is gonna sell this album?  Grade: C-

P.S.  Oh, and “boooo” for that faker than fake a$$ tear!

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