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Daichi Miura - “It’s The Right Time”, “Unlock” and “Music” (Video)

Daichi Miura - “It’s The Right Time”, “Unlock” and “Music” (Video)

on Nov 11 in Daichi MiuraJ-PopPassport TunesVideos

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His new album dropped back in September so I’m a bit late getting this post up but still… Daichi Miura kinda rocks!  Once again, my internet travels dropped me off at the door step of yet another new artist who somehow has been flying under my radar. 

“It’s The Right Time” was my first Daichi discovery and the track, which sounds like the more upbeat musical cousin of Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips”, is a solid piece of pop midtempo balladry the would not sound out of place on American radio… well with English lyrics, of course.  “Unlock” is featured on his most recent album FEVER and finds Dai two stepping with his homies on a moody mostly empty soundstage with the exception of a few fluorescent lights and some monkey bars.  The final video “Music” is another choreo-heavy clip but the visual aesthetic is the closest to that of K-Pop out of the three with it’s bright colors and the just-happy-to-be-here chipperness of the lyrics and the dancers.

While he may not have the typical über-polished, Ken Doll looks of most teen idols (not to mention he’s in his late 20’s), Daichi is the real deal—- an artist writes, plays instruments and helps to choreograph his own videos!  Hand a pen and pad or a guitar to some of these other “dreamboat” singers and the only thing you’ll get in return is looks of confusion.  Show Daichi a lil’ love and get your “press play” on.



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