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Daley featuring Jessie J - “Remember Me”

Daley featuring Jessie J - “Remember Me”

on Sep 06 in DaleyJessie JR&B

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Alright, alright, alriiiight!  At long last Daley has finally hit us with some new music in the form of his official debut single, “Remember Me”.

Frequent readers of Q’s Views know that I’ve been singing D.‘s praises for a minute and his recent tweets have revealed that he’s been up and down the east coast performing club gigs and logging some serious time in the studio which of course prompted the obvious question, “So where the h*ll is the new music?” 

Well, the “where?” was answered last night with the Radio 1 premiere of this long-awaited first single.  “Remember Me” is an uptempo(!) R&B jam blessed with a fuzzy funk baseline, a “grown folk” groove and some clever samples for anyone who was a UK clubhead in the 90s.  Also along for the ride on the Blue Eyed Soul Express is recent crossover success and Olympic Closing Ceremony chanteuse Jessie J.  While I was admittedly a bit concerned about Jessie and her Aguileri-an habit of oversinging anything she’s given, the belts, wails, runs ‘n’ assorted ad libs are all kept at a respectable minimum.

“Remember” is a two step friendly, shufflin’ kiss-off to a lover too dense to heed the warning in the Joni Mitchell lyric that Janet sampled.  While the song doesn’t break any new musical ground, it is definitely a surprising move for those of us who have devoured the stellar collection of ballads that was D. Money’s Those Who Wait Mixtape release from last year.

“Remember Me” and its inevitable assorted remixes, as well as the recent “Alone Together” refix, will have to suffice as appetizers cuz the main course, Daley’s debut album, isn’t due to drop until early 2013.



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