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Daley - “Songs That Remind Me Of You” - EP

Daley - “Songs That Remind Me Of You” - EP

on Aug 02 in DaleyR&B

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It’s been almost two years since I first joined the choir of those singing Daley’s praises and although we’ve gotten new material from him since then, there has yet to be a full-length album drop from Mr. D.  In the meantime, we early co-signers will simply have to be satisfied with these aural appetizers until the main course is finally served.

After achieving moderate success last fall in the U.K. with his debut single “Remember Me”, Daley teases his forthcoming full-length album with a trio of new tracks cobbled together and released as an EP.  My first reaction to piano ballad “Glitter Haze” was “WHY?” given the song’s unnecessary use of autotune, a choice that immediately had reaching for the skip button.  The title track “Songs That Remind Me Of You” is a welcome recovery from “Glitter"s wrong turn with D. crafting a slow jam that laments an ex-boo while simultaneously shouting out Jill Scott, Aaliyah and Lauryn Hill.  “Silly Games”, the EP’s closing number, finds Daley feeling some kinda retro way as the song journeys back to 1975 and the trippy, reverb-heavy production is a fine candidate as a soundtrack choice for a pivotal scene in a love story-themed movie from that era.

Now that I’ve digested the songs a bit more, I’ve warmed up to them but I’m not as in love with the new stuff as I was with pretty much everything on Those Who Wait.  However, Daley not at his absolute best is still miles better and infinitely more listenable than what some of his stateside counterparts are trying to pass off as R&B these days.




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