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“Dance Moms” - Season 3 Promo

“Dance Moms” - Season 3 Promo

on Dec 04 in 80'sTVTV/Web/Print Ads

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OK no, I’m not posting this cuz I was on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition—- Abby connection or no, I would be shouting this out cuz it’s all kinds of brilliant!

Kudos to the creative team responsible for on-air promos at Lifetime as this is a hit on several different levels.  Initially I thought, “Oh cool, it’s a Flashdance homage”, but then I realized, “Wait… both the movie and the show are set in Pittsburgh!”  Throw in all the iconic moments from Flashdance that the ad touches on as well as Abby-isms that fans of Dance Moms will recognize and you’ve got the best reality show promo that I’ve seen all year.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I suddenly have the urge to douse myself with water rocking leg warmers and an off the shoulder sweatshirt.



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