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David Morales featuring Róisín Murphy - “Golden Era” (Video)

David Morales featuring Róisín Murphy - “Golden Era” (Video)

on May 25 in David MoralesDanceRoisin MurphyVideos

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Woooooo yes, house music… REAL, actual house music!  While I love some of the dance stuff out today and at the risk of sounding like some purist snob… the David Guetta/Ibiza sound rocking everything from radio airwaves to Jersey Shore clubs IS NOT house—- call it “europop”, call it “electro” or “progressive dance”, hell call it “basement apartment”... just don’t call it “house”.

The legendary Mr. Morales teams up with Róisín Murphy for a sublime slice of disco house heaven.  “Golden Era” is all smooth, buttery baselines, tinkling key riffs, shuffling latin percussion and dreamy background vocals all brought together by La Ro who infuses her lead performance with a bit of her now familiar “melancholy soul”.  The video is an appropriately throwback affair with flappers and other 20’s shenanigans goin’ down in what looks like a Studio 54-esque basement party.  Amidst all the back in the day merriment is a simple plot where D. Mo is confronted with the possibility that the vinyl house heyday is being threatened by the imminent “future”... skinny jeans rocking hipstes in Kanye glasses—- a thinly-veiled swipe at current platter spinners of the Deadmau5 ilk, perhaps?

And while its always refreshing when DJ/artists opt to do something else besides pretending to spin records in a video, Dave’s minimal acting parts and attempts at choreo were equally amusing, commendable, wince-inducing and awkward.  His featured bits might not have been so problematic if oh, I dunno… they’d actually FEATURED THE LEAD VOCALIST IN THE D*MN VIDEO!  Yes, Ro Murph’s presence is sorely missed and with the woman responsible for the record’s stellar vocal noticeably absent, the “Golden Era” video is reduced to a star-free assemblage of seemingly secondary footage.  Grade: C+

Don’t get it twisted, though—- the song still kicks a$$.  Peep the video and then check out a late night dub mix of the track courtesy of Dripmasters afterwards.



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