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Dawn Richard - “Meteors”

Dawn Richard - “Meteors”

on Jul 16 in Danity KaneDawn RichardR&B

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It’s always a letdown when a song has an amazing intro and the remainder of the track doesn’t follow through on the initial promise suggested by those first impression moments.  I was hyped for Dawn Richard’s new single “Meteors” when I was greeted by her chopped and distored vocals and a baseline suggesting that something epic was about to happen.  However when the song truly kicked in, my initial reaction was more a slightly disappointed “Uh…OK” more than “Yes… game-changing!!!”

Now that I’ve had the track on repeat and thus have allowed it to marinate, methinks I was a bit hasty in dismissing the latest from Miz Richard.  A logical progression from the throwback house leanings of Richard’s Armor On EP from last year, “Meteors” scores points for using its R&B foundation as a jump off to incorporate interesting sonic textures that seem to draw “then & now” influences from 90’s drum ‘n’ bass to dubstep and the ethereal pop leanings of Ellie Goulding.

In fact, I love how the beat drop/hook of the song sounds like the vivid aural shower of meteors that D. Rich metaphorically enthuses about in her verses.  A dope sci-fi visual theme for the video might be what the track needs to help get the mainstream attention it deserves.  Yes now that I am on listen #5, I’m officially over my initial “it isn’t what I thought it was gonna be based on that intro” misgivings; “Meteors” is a banger! —- And props to Dawn for creating her own lane and not falling into the Rowland-ian trap of crafting safe and ultimately bland R&B in a not always rewarding bid for radio love.

“Meteors” is slated to appear on Blackheart, the follow-up to January’s Braveheart, and the second in her trilogy of Heart album releases for the year.  It is, however, available now on iTunes as well as for your listening pleasure below.

P.S.  Why am I more than a little excited that there might be a Danity Kane reunion in the works? (minus D. Woods… why is there always at least one hold out?)—- Those girls were dope as a group… despite the “assembled on a reality show” angle and the Diddy connection.





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