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Destiny’s Child - “Nuclear”

Destiny’s Child - “Nuclear”

on Jan 11 in 90'sDestiny's ChildJanet JacksonPharrellR&B

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Don’t be fooled kids, this low-key kick-off to the upcoming Beyoncè era that will include a Super Bowl appearance, Pepsi campaign, new album and possible matching tour is nothing compared to the inevitable avalanche that is heading our way.  Any pop chick not named Katy, Ri, Gaga or Taylor should simply step aside and avoid getting hurt.

The soft launch of B’s media assault commences with the release of the only new track to featured on the upcoming Destiny’s Child ballad compilation, Love Songs.  This repackaging effort seems to be aimed soley at diehard fans given the lack of substantial new material save for the Pharrell-produced track “Nuclear”.

The Skateboard P-assisted song is all kinds of 90s taking the ubiquitous break from Lyn Collins’ classic “Think” to frame the lovely Children of Destiny’s soothing coos about someone who’s got them in the love zone.  While I was admittedly not that hyped about the slow jam when it was announced, I’m pleasantly surprised in that it’s not the generic R&B slow jam that I was expecting.

Kelly ‘n’ Michelle are rumored to be joining Miz Knowles-Carter onstage during the Super Bowl and will reportedly perform this song as part of a DC medley.  The song seems a wee bit too mellow for football stadium crowd but I suppose the NFL doesn’t mind as long as the performance is 100% wardrobe malfunction-free.

NOTE: Having listened to “Nuclear” a few times now, I kinda feel like it’s an obvious sonic compliment to Janet’s Velvet Rope-era album jam “Empty”... no?  I’m getting a new playlist together right now!