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Dima Bilan - “Lonely” (Video)

Dima Bilan - “Lonely” (Video)

on Jan 22 in Dima BilanPassport TunesPopVideos

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Ahhh… Dima.  QsNewz introduced you to Mr. Bilan a while back with a Timbaland-produced crossover attempt, “Number One Fan”.  I’m not sure what the fate of his English debut album is, but he is still trying to make some kind of crossover thing happen.

“Lonely” is his latest single and the big budget clip seems to be the cheesy Russian pop star’s video valentine to Britney’s “Toxic” and Madonna’s “Human Nature”.  D. Bil spends part of “Lonely” stompin’ through his hood with a gang of chicks in “Toxic” drag looking for his boo whom we find perched on a rooftop with a blowing bedsheet stuck to one of Aretha’s old dinner party dresses (did Dima “Superman that ho”?)  Eventually, La Bilan and the Britney Bunch two-step (sorta) on the roof in front of a huge sign of the star’s name in lights which suggests that he might have seen Mariah’s “Shake It Off” video recently.  All ends well as our hero is reunited with his caped boo and her tacky old lady dress.

Dima is often called “Russia’s Justin Timberlake” but JT would never make a video as glittery as this.  Yes, D.‘s hair is a Eurotrash catastrophe and he kinda comes off looking like Billy Ray Cyrus’ douchebag baby brother (not a good look, Dima).  However, I love that you have this hetero-ish male pop star who has no problem writhing around in a box shirtless in a bid to show you that breeder boys can pretend they’re card carrying guests of the House of Dramatics too (Usher, C. Breezy, Omarion… are any of you mofos taking notes?)  So Dima, you are indeed a mess but the “pop diva-influenced tacky metrosexual” thing about you is what makes you such a guilty pleasure.  Grade: B

Also, here is Dima’s Timbaland-produced track from ‘07, “Number One Fan”.

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