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DJ Cassidy featuring Jessie J & Robin Thicke - “Calling All Hearts”

DJ Cassidy featuring Jessie J & Robin Thicke - “Calling All Hearts”

on Dec 02 in Jessie JPopR&BRobin Thicke

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Like David Guetta, Calvin Harris and countless others before him, DJ Cassidy takes top billing on a track where the “second fiddle” vocalists are the obvious stars.  Given all the love of a seasoned session singer, Jessie J and Robin Thicke get a “featuring” credit even though they’re clearly doing most of the heavy lifting.

On first listen, “Calling All Hearts” simply sounded like a souped up “Get Lucky” but midway through the song, I started to get more of a unfinished-80s-demo-by-Shalamar vibe (which is not a bad thing, by the by).  What really sold me though, is the breakdown at the 2:40 mark, making the track an instant rollerskating jam and the final few minutes of disco funk bliss over which Jessie and Robin exchange a few throwback R&B vocals and make a bid to have “Calling…” included on your summer ‘14 pool party playlist.  Equally as fun is the old school artwork that has Jess, Robby and ol’ Cass on the set of what looks like a vintage album cover—- Herb Alpert came to mind, but I couldn’t find any pink Herb Albert albums so, oh well.

While I can see this doing well as a single in the U.K., I’m not sure if American pop radio has enough love for Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, a handful of EDM tracks AND the likes of “Calling All Hearts”, which is clearly not aimed at the One Direction set.  C’mon, is it ridiculous to think that pop radio could play a few jams for the grown-ups?



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