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Drake - “Best I Ever Had” (Video)

Drake - “Best I Ever Had” (Video)

on Jul 13 in DrakeHip HopVideos

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Wow.  You take the biggest hype of the year and have Kanye’s “edgy” a$$ direct the video and you come up with… five minutes of jiggly t*tties and sexual innuendo straight from the clever mind of a fourteen year-old video game junkie?!?!  Drake already has to deal with being “the kid from “Degrassi”, the fallout from the BET performance, and the inevitable backlash from being touted as the “next big thing” in hip hop.  So you would think that someone in his camp would’ve had the good sense to say “uh…. a big breasted basketball team is probably not the best video concept for a ‘you’re my only girl’ record that’s already a huge hit with the ladies. 

Once you’ve taken into account that Kanye “I’m on some next level ish” West directed this, then the whole thing becomes even more of a head scratcher. Factor in the unnecessary skits that interrupt the breast parade and you have a recipe for the biggest disappointment of the year.  Grade: D


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