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Drake featuring Trey Songz - “Successful” (Video)

Drake featuring Trey Songz - “Successful” (Video)

on Sep 01 in DrakeHip HopTrey SongzVideos

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Poor Drake… the hype backlash is already in full bloom and his debut album ain’t even dropped yet!  “Successful” is yet another track that originally appeared on his So Far Gone mixtape which is now also featured on Trey Songz’ just released new album Ready.  The original version featured Drizzy, Trey and Lil’ Wayne but version 2 has seemingly been de-Wayned with an extra helping of Songz added for your listening pleasure.  I actually dig the track but seeing D. & T. somberly lounge around a penthouse with some dimly lit rented models doesn’t really make for compelling visuals.  It doesn’t help that the video employed the Most Annoying Marketing Ploy Of The Year, the video teaser, as if it was some George Lucas-directed visual masterpiece that would be dissected in film classes the world over (ugh!—- just release the damn video, people!)  Far from being an “event video”, “Successful” is definitely one of those clips that you don’t need to see a second time.  Grade: C.


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