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Eminem - “3 AM” (Video)

Eminem - “3 AM” (Video)

on May 06 in EminemHip HopVideos

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The Eminem single release formula is in full effect: first we got the jokey, gimmicky single, and now we got the serious, dark and edgy one.  I can respect the intricate flow and all, but white boys make me nervous when they start spoutin’ crazy ish like this, platinum rapper or no.

The video is pretty much a visual complement to the dark, gritty vibe of the lyrics and the track.  Its well done and yes, we’re reminded once again that Marshall has been lifting weights, but I couldn’t really ride with the blood ‘n’ gore factor.  Again, its visually stunning, just not really something I’d want to watch again.  Grade: B

Oh, and that Blair Witch ending was a little nutty, no?


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