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Eminem - “The Warning” (Mariah Diss Track)

Eminem - “The Warning” (Mariah Diss Track)

on Aug 05 in EminemHip HopMariah Carey

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OK… the title of the post is ridiculous enough but noooo, it gets better! Music’s wackest beef continues as Eminem finally responds to Mimi’s “Obsessed” with a hateful diss track that throws more than a few jabs at Miz Carey-Cannon.

Perhaps if Em put the pill bottles down for a few seconds and took an honest look at how he, a man in his thirties, still can’t manage a healthy relationship of any kind with any woman, then perhaps he could understand why ol’ Meems might wanna lie (allegedly) about messin’ wit him in the first place.  It also really kinda ups his “punk a$$” points for, yet once again, going after a somewhat easy target——I mean, how can you give him props for “lyrically murdering” the likes of Christina, Britney, boy bands and now Mariah?

So, now Marshall’s all pissed off and throwing grease of the “slut, c-word, b*tch” variety in RyeRye’s direction all while graciously letting us know that he sometimes uh… well, his rocket blasts off before the end of the countdown.  Perhaps if this didn’t involve the chick who sang “Hero”, and maybe if all the particiapnts weren’t grown as hell, then I might find this whole “I IDID hit it / No you didn’t” saga somewhat amusing.  However, its millionaire pop stars threatening to release old voicemails and engaging in that kind of high school drama when you’re thirtysomething is not the bizness.

WARNING: The track below contains strong language and is NSFW (Not Safe For Work).


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