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Eminem - “We Made You” (Video)

Eminem - “We Made You” (Video)

on Apr 08 in EminemHip HopVideos

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Really, Em?  You’re ten years into the game and still talking about Britney Damn Spears?!?!?!? This video would’ve been both hilarious and a bit brilliant, if he hadn’t made it 2 or 3 times already several years before.  So El M. returns after a five year break with the all too typical gimmicky first single “We Made You” to kick off his new album Relapse.

And what has changed with Eminem?  Well, nothing much apparently (‘cept for maybe that he obviously renewed his Bally’s Fitness membership card) and I can’t believe that no one told him that his riffing on pop culture both current (Kim Kardashian, Lindsay & Sam) and dated (Dukes of Hazzard-era Jessica Simpson?) was just a little bit wack.  And aside from the all too familiar subject matter and look of the video, the song itself is just not the kind of hot sh*t that is gonna put him back on the radar.  The idea has run outta gas Marshall, park it in the garage and drive something else!

However, he IS the Golden Vanilla Child of Hip Hop with enormous machines behind him (Interscope, MTV), so I’m sure this garbage will be everywhere in about six minutes.  Grade: C-


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